It is the policy of Lurine Nigeria Limited to enhance relationship between her and host/impacted communities with the aim of reducing operating costs and shutdown arising from unhealthy company-community relationship.
It is also the policy of Lurine Nigeria Limited to conduct her operations in a safe manner to ensure good health of her personnel, secured environment and being sensitive to the needs and concerns of the communities impacted by the operations. To achieve this, Lurine Nigeria Limited shall:

Prior to mobilization to any community, pay visit to the host community chiefs, leaders and youths, in or to determine the needs and requirements of the community and subsequently agree with the community on issues discussed.

Engage a seasoned community relation's officer who shall liaise between the community and the company on matters such as youth empowerment/employment of community workers.

Through the community affairs department, implement the company's community relations plan. Manage community affairs as an integral part of the company's business with a view to maintaining good relationship between the company and her host communities.

Cooperate with our clients and third parties to avoid unnecessary delays, shut down and unwarranted loss of man-hours.
Report any community disturbance/ emergencies or threat to life and property/equipment/facilities to client without delay.